Thank you for your response and for providing nice safe  housing for my son his last year at Cornell.



Suzanna B.

Hi Matoula,

I wanted to thank you for being such a great landlord this year. After last year with another company, I know how rare good landlords are in Ithaca.


Robert H. B.

Hi Matoula,

Just wanted to say hi. I'm with all of the guys right now and we're reminiscing on our time last year. We had a great time at 127 Linden and wanted to thank you for your patience with us. To be honest, you were the most reasonable landlord we dealt with through our 3 years of living in college-town. Hope all is well with you. If you ever need anything, please just let me know. Enjoy the summer and hope to see you in Ithaca soon.


June, 2015

Derek S.

Dear Matoula,

Thank you so much for fixing the door knob and light in my room today. I really appreciate your quick response!
Have a great week, and thanks again!
March, 2015


Layla H.

Thank you, Matoula.  I enjoyed living in your house this year!!

May, 2013

Daniel W.

Hi Matoula,


Thank you for getting back to me so soon.


May, 2013

Brittany J.

Hi Matoula,

I miss you already!

May, 2013

Eva S.

Thank you so much for a great year - you've been an incredible landlord!!

May, 2013

Marie C.

Matoula, Happy Thanksgiving! I know all of us at 124 Linden are thankful to have such a wonderful and caring landlord.

November, 2012

Becky W.

Jill H.

Hi Matoula!

It's Jill from 136 College. I just wanted to say thank you so much for having the roof fixed so quickly! You're the best!!!!

Thanks again,


September, 2011

Alex B.

"After hearing some of the horror stories of some of the other landlords in Collegetown, I really regret not re-signing the lease because you are far and away one of the best landlords in Collegetown."

John & Nancy C.

"Dear Matoula, thank you for the care and safe housing you provided to my children for the last several years. We took comfort knowing our children were safe."

July, 2010

Megan A.

“…thank you very much for being such an amazing landlord these past two years, I really appreciate it”

June, 2010

Heather L.

I have lived in two different properties managed by Matoula. Both houses were in great condition when we moved in. Whenever there is a problem, Matoula is incredibly responsive. When things break, they are fixed quite quickly.  She is especially quick to shovel sidewalks and plow the driveways! Essential for an Ithaca location. Wouldn't c onsider living in an Ithaca property that wasn't managed by Matoula!

March, 2010