The Family

Halk FamilyOur houses are located in Cornell’s Collegetown and have been serving the Cornell family for more than 40 years!

Matoula and Greg’s first house was 120 Linden Ave in Ithaca NY and they still have the house to this day. Matoula enjoys going to Collegetown to make sure everything is going well, but mostly she enjoys running into her tenants, talking to them and giving them some well-meaning advise. Greg loves to build furniture for the houses, which have added more character to each and every house. Matoula and Greg have renovated most of these houses with their own two hands and pride themselves on the quality and comfort their houses provide. Recently their children Angela and Spiro have stepped in to help their parents with running the family business. Angela mostly handles the administrative part of the family business, while Spiro handles renovations, maintenance requests, and daily operations.

If you see the Halkiopoulos family around Collegetown, say hello!

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