You and your roommates!

Fastest way to make your roommate hate you: hit the snooze button and go to the bathroom. It will go off again while you're gone and he/she will have to get up, turn it off, and find some way to eventually forgive you for ruining their sleep-in-day.

Take the garbage out, when is your turn.

Think of others...

Remember your Southside neighbors. There are plenty of ways to contribute to the community beyond sales tax at the mall. Volunteer, buy local...

Volunteer at the SPCA - you’ll miss Fluffy and Fido after a few days in your dorm.


Get off campus once in awhile and explore Ithaca. Get to know the locals, discover the hidden jewels, and take advantage of all the nature surrounding you.

Walk at least once to and from the Commons, it will change your life. Wandering around the Commons is always fun, there’s usually crazy stuff going on if the weather is nice. There are all the festivals too.

Enjoy your classes, party excessively and find your family of friends. Nothing else will compare to these four years.

Get  involved in extra-curricular activities! lt’s the best way to meet people because you’re working alongside one another for a common goal/cause. Besides, there’s only so many hours you can spend playing video games before your eyes start to hemmorage.

Look after yourself...

Just because you can get ice cream with every meal doesn’t mean it is a good idea. Just because you can eat everything in the dining hall. Don’t.

Don’t waste your time sleeping until noon every day. Get up at a decent time, get some breakfast, hit the gym, and you will have no trouble keeping up with your daily activities.

Try to keep an umbrella handy because the weather in Ithaca changes every 10 minutes.

Be smart!

Get a job on campus – transportation is free!

Sign-up for a shopper's club card first thing; it will save you a lot over the course of four years.

Don't pay for cable! You can watch so many TV shows online for free, or rent free movies/seasons DVD from the library.

Don't do laundry on Sunday nights - aka laundry rush hour.

When you're so broke you can barely take it, don't ever turn to a credit c ard, you'll have enough debt from loans, as it is, no need to dig a deeper hole.

Take advantage of the writing center, free tutoring and study skill/time management seminars.

Make friends with someone who has a car - but chip in for gas money.

Make friends with the librarian. He or she-can-help you complete research projects, and many of them will find the sources for you. Bring a copy of the assignment to the library with you to show him/her.

Don’t try to fool parking services in any way, they are way smarter than any of us could ever dream of being (using an old parking ticket under your wipers doesn't fool anyone).

Be safe!

Walk in pairs. If you're walking around campus alone late at night, it can feel reassuring to be on your cell phone - great opportunity to check in at home!

Lock your dorm or apartment doors!

Be informed and ready, anytime...

Save a copy of your lease in your computer and look at it every time you have a question and if you need explanation for something, ask somebody you trust for help. Be prepared and informed at all times.

Always have exact change for the TCAT.

Know now that you will have to study: for tests for way longer than you did in high school. 

It is colder outside than it looks.

There is an open container law in the state of New York, So don’t try it.

Don’t get lost on the first day of class - give yourself a tour of where your classes.

Bring a spray air freshener, you never know how clean your roommate will be, and you can spray towards their side when they're not around.

Sharing mini-van sized cabs on the weekends can be as cheap as two dollars a person, just be aware that at some point, someone will stiff the whole cab and pretend to have paid - the cabbie won't move until you make up for them! Just don't be that guy.

Find out/be informed

If you will be paying for the utilities in your future apartment, call the utility company yourself and ask them for the average monthly utilities for that apartment. This way you will have a very good idea on what to expect when you occupy that apartment next year. 

Don't be intimidated...

Your landlord and you are equal partners in the lease agreement. Don’t be intimidated. 

Don't be shy!

Every time there is something broken or out of order in your apartment, inform your landlord right of the way and ask him/her to fix it, IN A TIMELY MANNER. Don't wait for ever; remember that if you are late paying your rent at the beginning of the month, you will have to pay late charges.

In the case the problem is not solved, remind your landlord that you could call a professional to fix the problem and you could deduct the cost from the upcoming rent.

Watch out for...

Every time you leave your apartment to go to school or for winter break, make sure the thermostat is set about 55 degrees.

This way there is no waste of your money and no heat is wasted at the same time.

Find out...

Every time you go thru a prospective apartment ask the current tenants about their landlord; questions such as:

"Does your landlord repairs things right of the way?"

"Does your landlord clean the snow on the sidewalk in front of your apartment right of the way?"

Find out as much as you can for your future landlord.

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